“Lucy has become one of my top editors—and I have very high standards. She performs copyediting and proofreading for me, and her work is always meticulous. I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

Amanda O’Brien, publishing officer, Independent Evaluation Group (World Bank Group)

“We have worked with Lucy for a number of years on a major academic journal. We have always been very pleased with the quality of her work and her reliability in meeting the demanding requirements and rigorous schedule.”

Alexandrine Ong, editorial project manager, Sunrise Setting Ltd

“Lucy has worked on a number of book projects for us and knocks spots off the average copyeditor. Fantastic work. I couldn’t fault it.”

Jo Armstrong, senior production editor, Geological Society Publishing House

“I was fortunate to work with Ms Patterson on editing my book, and I was extremely pleased with her professionalism, attention to detail, and overall work.”

SB, research fellow, Swedish Institute of International Affairs

“Lucy did an outstanding job on the launch issue of SCIDAC Review, a publication we published under contract for Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US.  Lucy consistently produced work of the highest quality and frequently ‘went the extra mile’.”

JN, group publisher, IOP Publishing

“I was impressed with the copy editing of my book; the comments helped me further improve the concepts I wrote. Very often I take for granted that the reader knows what I am talking about. Lucy helped me by clarifying my writing and making it intelligible for a larger public.”

DM, postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki

“Lucy performed a timely, sensitive and professional job on the copy editing of the PDF pages of a significant technical resource. I am grateful for her flexibility, rigour and ability to deliver on time.”

IL, Supporting Physics Teaching

“I cannot thank you enough for your keen scrutiny of the manuscript and immensely helpful suggestions and corrections.”

SP, assistant professor, University of Missouri-Columbia